The best way to clean a vase is to not let it get stained in the first place

A clear vase with flowers is a timeless accent to any room, but soon the water can go cloudy, and the sides start to look like they need a clean. Here are our top tips for keeping your flowers fresh and your vases clean and sparkling:

Time tested solution – Bleach

¼ teaspoon of bleach per quart/liter of vase water will both keep the water clear and also helps prolong the life of your beautiful flower arrangement.

Pro tip: a quick spray of hairspray on your cut flowers will help them last longer too!

Eco-friendly – white vinegar and sugar

Three tablespoons of sugar and two tablespoons of white vinegar for every quart/liter of vase water. This mixture will prolong the life of the flowers and inhibit the bacteria’s growth that makes the water cloudy. 

Pro tip: Remember to cut off any tips of flower stalks that have started to dry out. This way, the flower can draw on some of that sugar to keep alive longer.