Let’s explore how to get the best effect from this room accent.

So you have beautiful cut flowers arranged in your favorite vase. Let’s explore how to get the best effect from this room accent.

Draw attention

Composed flowers in a vase will naturally lead your gaze across a room. When you have a formal setting for a room, you should place your flowers to draw attention to the room’s area that wouldn’t typically be seen first when entering. This approach works particularly well in larger rooms where there is more than one area of activity or focus.

Direct sunlight vs. backlight

Lighting helps to amplify the effect of flowers in a room. Placement of flowers where they will be backlit (such as from a window) will act as a frame. Be sure to keep away from direct sunlight, as this can shorten the useful lifetime of your display. 

Balance horizontal space

Be mindful of sightlines when placing flowers. It is a common impulse to set a vase in the middle of a table. When a table setting can have people sat on multiple sides around it, there is a danger that the flowers can block guests’ views. Offset placement can be an excellent choice in these cases, to balance a use area of a table from a corner that is less likely to have someone seated (such as around a coffee table). Have patience and think through the most common use cases of your area, when you find the right solution you’ll no longer have to second guess moving the vase each time the space is being used.